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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions that we receive most frequently about our program. If you would like to know something that isn’t discussed here, please contact us and we promise you a prompt response.

Why do so many women suffer from PCOS?

PCOS is a health condition that affects approximately 5% of women world wide. It is becoming more of a problem as people eat more foods that are higher in carbohydrate content and lower in fiber and protein content. PCOS is also affected by the growing problems related to hormonal imbalances, pollution, hormone disruptors commonly found in plastics and other man-made materials, pesticide use, herbicide use, and overall environmental toxicity.

Can PCOS weight loss happen without paying attention to nutrition, diet and exercise?

Not likely. Just like the symptoms of PCOS typically come on gradually, the weight gain associated with PCOS comes on gradually too. About 60-70 % of women with PCOS have more weight than is healthy for their bodies. For these women, taking the typical advice of just “eat less and move more” doesn’t usually lead to weight loss like it can for other people. The hormonal imbalances that are part of PCOS, including the problems with testosterone and insulin resistance lead directly to easy weight gain and difficulty with weight loss. The improper metabolic response to eating carbohydrates really interferes with the ability to lose weight and maintain weight loss.

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